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Currently, we are working on several new projects at Sankofa Children's Home. First off, we are in the process of becoming self-sustainable by creating work for us that will create income. We have looked into buying a school bus that will commute children to school. It will also run during the day and after school hours to different locations which will cost $1 per person. This is how we will make our profit. This would cost about $6,000 to purchase but would bring in about $70 each day. These profits would be put towards feeding the children at the orphanage as well as the school. It would also be put towards scholarships for senior high school. The school we run is a primary school, similar to elementary. They must go on to senior high school to continue education, but it is not free here. We must find sponsors as well as save our money to make it possible for our children to complete school. If you would like to help, please visit the donations section of our website. Thank you for your help!



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