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About Us

Sankofa Mbofra Fie (Sankofa Children’s Home) supports disadvantaged children by providing them with a safe place to sleep, nutritious meals, free schooling and mentorship, with the care they need to develop into healthy, educated, young adults. Sankofa Mbrofa Fie believes that every child deserves a good education and works to empower children from deprived backgrounds to seek a better life for themselves through education.

Sankofa Mbofra Fie was founded in 2006 by a Cape Coast native, David Kwesi Acquah. David grew up on the streets and resolved to help children like himself when he got older. After returning to school as an adult and then spending a year working in a youth centre in Belgium, David returned to his homeland to start Sankofa Mbofra Fie.
Sankofa Mbofra Fie is located in the rural village of Eguafo, near Cape Coast. In Fanti, the local language of Central region of Ghana, Sankofa means 'return to your roots' and Mbofra Fie means 'children’s home'. The organization runs a home and a school in Eguafo that serves children from the surrounding villages.

Children’s Home
The children’s home at Sankofa Mbofra Fie currently has 4 bedrooms and beds for the 16 children. A small courtyard connects a kitchen and a care giver’s bedroom to the home. The care giver provides fulltime, live–in care for the children. The rented house has electricity but no running water. Eventually we hope to move to a new home that will provide beds for up tp 100 children, to save costs for rent. Sankofa Mbofra Fie aims to feed all the orphans three time a day with nutritious meals. It costs three dollars ($3.00) per child per day for three nutritious meals. Additional operating costs for the children’s home include routine medical care, clothing, toiletries, and utilities.

Sankofa School
Sankofa School has 450 students who attend school regularly with ages ranging from 2 to 18 years. The school has now reached its full capacity, we are therefore looking to expand the facility to allow all children of the surrounding villages to attend. Students are taught English, Fanti, French (if teachers are available), mathematics, cultural studies (music and dance), and environmental science. All of the fulltime teaching staff are from Eguafo and surrounding villages. Sankofa School currently operates out of 15 temporary classrooms. The organization is raising funds to build a permanent cement school building. The website will be updated regularly with information about this project.
The teaching currently takes place in three wooden buildings, that hardly allow the children to study properly: walls are thin, so noise from other classrooms is disturbing the learning. During the rainy season (twice a year), the rain will drum loudly on the tin roof, making teaching impossible. It also poses a threat to the student's valuable materials, as it rains heavily into the class- and storing rooms. Therefore a permanent cement school is a necessity to enable the children of this area to be properly educated.
The main operating cost for the school is the salary for 21 staff members including teachers and support staff, with about thirty to fifty dollars($30.00 - $50.00) per month per staff member. It is our wish to increase the salaries, yet - as we rely on donations - that is not possible at the time being. Custom–made school uniforms cost ten dollars ($10.00) per student and are important in building school spirit and the children’s pride in their school. Additional expenses come from purchasing textbooks, paper and pencils.


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