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The first step is to apply on the website. Once your application has been accepted, your next step will be to arrange your flight and visa. For some countries, a letter of invitation will be required to obtain a visa to enter Ghana. The program coordinator will send the letter of invitation upon receiving a background check and a reference letter from your employer/school.

Upon the knowledge of your arrival date we will reserve accommodation in the village and confirm that you will be met at the airport upon your arrival.

Please ensure you have adequate travel insurance for your stay and any additional traveling you will be doing.

Application of your visa should be processed within three months of your departure date. A Visa is only valid for 60 days from the day it is issued. If you are staying more than 60 days, you will need to travel to Cape Coast or Accra to get a visa extension. There is a charge of approximately GHS25 for this process.

In order to apply for your visa, contact your country’s Ghanaian Embassy. Step by step instructions can be found on their website. Use the following contact information when applying for your visa:
Mbofra Fie,
Box AD 678, Cape Coast,
West Africa.
David Kwesi Acquah - 00 233 243179681

The day after you arrive, you will have a meeting with the volunteer coordinator; he will introduce you to the village, the children and the teachers.


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