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Unlike other international placement NGOs that organize volunteer experiences, there are no overseas administration costs for volunteering at Sankofa Mbofra Fie. We recognize the importance of volunteers and aims to make it as affordable as possible. We also like to stress that 100% of these fees(less the cost of your food and lodgings) go directly into the continued support of the Children's Home and School.

The following prices are for housing accomodations and food while at Sankofa:

1-Week -------- $225 or 175 EUR

2-Weeks -------- $400 or 310 EUR

3-Weeks -------- $525 or 410 EUR

1-Month-(4weeks) -------- $600 or 465 EUR

6-weeks -------- $900 or 675 EUR

2-Months-(8weeks) -------- $1200 or 900 EUR

3-Months-(12weeks) -------- $1800 or 1350 EUR

4-Months-(16weeks) -------- $2400 or 1800 EUR

5-Months-(20weeks) -------- $3000 or 2252 EUR

6-Months-(24weeks) -------- $3600 or 2705 EUR

In order to fully help the children of Sankofa and the surrounding community, there is a $500 or 375 EUR project fee that will go towards the project of your choice. The following are ongoing projects/volunteer placements that you can choose to participate in:

Teaching- You can teach in a classroom setting or privately tutor children at Sankofa Primary School and Junior High School. Subjects include English, French, Math, I.C.T., Science, Social Studies, B.D.T. (Basic Design and Technology), R.M.E. (Religious and Moral Education)

Agriculture/Farming- You can assist with Sankofa's farm, helping them with sustainable food production.

Childcare/Orphanage Work- You can assist the kids with providing food for the children, cooking their meals, cleaning, preparation for school, arts and crafts, playing, etc.

Healthcare/Medical volunteering- There are several health clinics near Sankofa that need volunteers. Alguna Health Clinic and Services needs help in the maternity ward assisting with deliveries etc., Cape Coast Clinic, and Ankaful Leprosy and General Hospital. You can also provide community health education and awareness classes to local villages. The children of Sankofa also need updated and renewed healthcare insurance annually.

Construction Work- Sankofa School Building Project

Extra Skills to teach or learn: Theater, Carpentry, Sewing, Culture (dancing and music), Language, Christian Leadership and Bible Education.

If you want to travel and explore more parts of Ghana, a tour-guide is available to take you to your desired destination.

Please note, these fees do not include airport pick-up or transportation to Eguafo. If you require pick-up from the airport, or arrive late at night, lodgings, pick-up and transportation can be arranged, for an additional cost. For direct transportation roundtrip from Kotoka Airport and Eguafo, it will be $120 or 93 EUR. Please discuss with Mr. Acquah regarding your personal requirements.

Local transportation and personal trips as well as other fees (your visa for instance) are not included.

The currency in Ghana is Ghanaian Cedis (GHS) and Cedis are a closed currency so you will not able to exchange your money before you arrive in Ghana. There is both a bureau exchange and an ATM at the airport.


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