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You are not expected to bring anything with you, however, if you are considering bringing supplies for the orphanage or school, there is a list below of items that would either aid with the day-to-day schooling or be great fun at playtime.

1 Books
2 Pens, pencils, erasers, pencils sharpener, chalk.
3 Arts and Crafts
4 Soccer balls, volley balls, skipping ropes, etc…

Recommended items to bring:
- Mosquito net
- Bug spray (very hard to find here)
- Malaria pills
- Sheets and pillow case
- First aid medical kit
- Flashlight (very useful during frequent power outages)
- Sunscreen ( very hard to find here)
- Hand-sanitizer
- Towels
- Reusable water bottle
- Clothes : If you volunteer in the school, you have to dress appropriately; nothing too revealing. Males should wear long trousers and females should wear nothing shorter than knee length. A conservative outfit for church may be useful.


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