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Donate for the orphanage

Please follow the link below to see all the happy children cared for by Sankofa Orphanage.

Click Here to Continue with Sponsoring a Child

The funds raised through this will be used to provide food, clothing, recreational resources, learning materials and qualified teachers for the children. Unlike other child sponsorship options, you will not receive regular updates in the post as to how your chosen child is progressing. However the site will be updated as often as possible. This is because this is a fundraising exercise with absolutely no administration costs, 100% of your money reaches the children of Sankofa Orphanage

Donate to the Sankofa Children’s Home

Sponsor a child: Feed a child

The entire Sankofa Non-Government Organization runs solely on donations. Currently, the children and staff living at the center eat only two meals a day, once in the late morning and once in the evening. One meal for one child costs $1, so a donation of $3 will feed one child three meals in one day. That means that to feed one child three healthy meals for one month, $90 would be needed.

Monthly cost:
-->GHS700 ($462 / €322)

This cost covers food, toiletries, rent, etc.
If you would like a detailed breakdown of the costs please contact us.

Clothes: Any donation would be very useful as the children grow out of the clothes quickly.

Health Insurance: Every year, to cover the Sankofa orphans it costs 40 cedis ($30 / €20) per child.

A small amount of your donation will be put towards a contingency fund.

You can send donations to:

Name: Sankofa Mbofra Fie
Bank Name: Barclays Bank Of Ghana Ltd.
Bank Branch: Cape Coast Ghana
Account Number: 037-1052070

Once you donate, you will receive a receipt from the registered NGO Sankofa Mbrofa Fie.
Do not hesitate to email us concerning any queries you may have regarding donating : sankofambofrafie@yahoo.com


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