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Donate for the school

Donate to the Sankofa Nursery/Primary/Junior High School

Sponsor a teacher: Educate the world

The Sankofa Primary School is open to all children in the area – not just the children from the center. Since the government does not pay public school teachers in Ghana, the teachers’ salaries must be paid in full with money that comes from donations. In order to keep high-quality teachers working at the school, each must receive his/her $50 monthly salary on time. The 21 teachers and staff members are always paid fairly and are actively involved in all decisions regarding the school, and work towards further educating children of all ages.

Sponsor a child: Teach a child

With the current lack of funding, there is not enough money to supply each child with the necessary materials to learn. Sponsoring a child for one term will provide him/her with a clean uniform, schoolbooks, pencils and pens for four months. These supplies cost $15 a month, so to sponsor one child for one term would be a $60 donation.

- Offer a lunch free of charge to all students for a month: 300 cedis

School supplies:
- Uniform : 15 cedis per child
- Copybooks for one term for 300 students: 300 cedis
- Pens for 300 students: 85 cedis
- Textbooks : 15 cedi each

Examination costs:
- A printer
- A photocopier
- Cartridge ink
- Paper

Supporting teachers:
- One month salary per teacher: $50

So far, the teachers are paid thanks to the money some parents manage to give to the school. The tuition fees are 2 cedis per months but only a few families manage to pay.

Extending the school:
The cost of construction for the new school building is GHS 564,900 ($372,872 / €259,913)

This includes constructing the cement block building, teacher/student desks, chalkboards, doors, windows, lighting, and electricity.

You can send donations to:

Name: Sankofa Mbofra Fie
Bank Name: Barclays Bank Of Ghana Ltd.
Bank Branch: Cape Coast Ghana
Account Number: 037-1052070

Once you donate, you will receive a receipt from the registered NGO Sankofa Mbrofa Fie.
Do not hesitate to email us concerning any queries you may have regarding donating : sankofambofrafie@yahoo.com


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