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School Building Project

Create 3-story cement building
Land has been purchased for a permanent school and orphanage to be built down the road from the current premises. The property where the current school and orphanage are located is being rented. Because of the changing value of the Ghana Cedi, exact calculations regarding the costs cannot be made in advance.
Each floor has 7 rooms, the building will contain a library as well as a computer lab.

Holding tank for the school grounds
The children need to have water easily accessible on school grounds. This would be possible by purchasing and installing a holding tank on the school grounds. The total cost for a holding tank is approximately 800 cedis.

Offering vocational skills workshops
A goal for the new school is to be able to offer vocational skills workshops to students as well as the village people. The workshops will teach skills that will allow students to learn how to make purses, necklaces and other items. Thereby children will explore their crafty skills and are being prepared for a possible career in art or design. The items can easily be sold in places like Cape Coast. Other workshops may also be offered for more in-depth training in specialized areas, like carpentry for example.

In depth staff training in specialized areas
More in-depth staff training is needed in the areas like HIV prevention. We would like teachers to be trained in specialized areas, so that the children are educated in more subjects other than the compulsory curriculum.

Ensuring funding for nutritious meals for all students
Currently lunches can be bought by the students at the school, but unfortunately many of them cannot afford to have lunch. It is our goal that we will be able to provide free nutritional lunches for all students.

Outfitting a computer lab
Many government funded schools have computer labs for the students. The students currently have a class, I.C.T. (Information Communication Technology), which teaches the children about current technologies. A computer lab would be very useful in reinforcing information with practical hands on exercises.


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