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Farming, fish farming and sustainable food production

There is land close by Eguafo that is available to purchase for farming. Farming would benefit the orphanage by providing them with vegetables for their meals.

Fish farm
Tilapia is a locally sourced fish that is very common in Eguafo. Fish can be relatively expensive to buy so being self sufficient by harvesting fish would reduce expenditure costs. The children would have plenty of nutritious fish for their diet and the remaining fish would be available to sell for a profit.

Sustainable Food Production
We would like to have the materials to process our own palm oil, gari, and juices. This would save a lot of money since we would not have to purchase these items and these products can also be sold for a profit.

Palm Oil

Palm fruit steamer (1) GHS 1,200
Palm fruit stripper (1) GHS 2,600
Palm oil expeller (1) GHS 4,100
Kernel/fibre separator (1) GHS 1,600
8HP diesel engine (2) GHS 2,400
Installation, testing, and training (1) GHS 750
Total: GHS 12,550


Cassava Grater (1) GHS 900
Double Screw Press (1) GHS 800
Bagging Stand (2) GHS 160
Roasting Tray (1) GHS 500
8HP Diesel Engine (1) GHS 1300
Installation, testing, and training (1) GHS 750
Corn mill (1) GHS 1,200
Total: GHS 5,610

Fruit Juices

Juice extractor (1) GHS 5,100
10HP electric motor (1) GHS 750
Pasteurizer can (1) GHS 1,300
Stove (1) GHS 450
Installation (1) GHS 950
Total: GHS 8,550

School garden
We have recently harvested for the first time in our new school garden. The children in the orphanage enjoyed fresh salad and tomatoes. We are planning to expand the project.


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