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Elmina Castle

Elmina Castle was built by the Portuguese in 1482 and is also known as St. George's Castle. This castle was the first European structure built in Sub-Saharan Africa.
Explore the grounds and rooms full of haunting history. Stroll down to the beach for a memorial ceremony where each pilgrim will throw bread into the waters in remembrance of ancestors. A wreath with a candle is solemnly pushed into the waters and a respectful one minute silence is observed in remembrance of those who died in the Middle Passage (before reaching America).
After lunch, enjoy a tour of the colonial town of Elmina. Elmina’s rich history is captured in its buildings. They tell the stories of the people of Elmina and the interaction with those who came from outside. Visit the colorful Asafo houses that were used as a place for warriors to prepare mentally and spiritually before going to war. They are wonderful examples of how art is used in daily lives of Africans.


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