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Cape Coast

Cape Coast has a variety of attractions including local markets and shopping and, most notably, the Cape Coast Castle.
Cape Coast Castle: Embark on an emotional boat trip to the Cape Coast Castle. This trip will mark as a return trip for the one made 200 years ago when Africans were transported via slave ships to the Americas. On landing on the shore make your way to the castle and enter through the door that was the last door African ancestors passed through on their way to board the ships to the new world. At that time it was a symbol of hopelessness and was known as the Door of No Return. But to modern pilgrims it is a Door of Return, of hope and healing.
Explore the grounds of this infamous castle with its slave dungeons. Every part of the castle has historical significance. This castle also houses the West African Historical Museum established by the Smithsonian Institute in collaboration with the Ghanaian Government in 1994.


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